Have a plan

Keep yourself and your family safe during emergencies resulting from earthquakes, storms and other natural disasters that may cause power outages or interruptions of your energy service.

  • Keep emergency food and supplies on hand. Suggested list.
  • Know how to manually open and close electric doors, such as your garage door.
  • Know how to properly shut off your natural gas and electricity if needed.
  • Create and practice an evacuation plan in case you need to leave your home or business.
  • Prepare to assist your neighbors, people with special needs, the elderly and pets.
  • Have a cellular or corded phone (cordless phones will not work during an outage).
  • Identify an out-of-town contact. Long distance calls may be easier to make than local calls. Someone from out of the area may have an easier time relaying a message.
    • Make sure everyone in your family knows the phone number of your out-of-town or emergency contact and that they have a cell phone, change or a pre-paid phone card.
    • Know how to send a text message which may be able to get around network disruptions when a phone call can't get through.
  • Check out resources around you that provide safety training and preparedness tips:

Safety video by Oak Harbor High School students

Aquarium :60 from WildcatTV on Vimeo.

This video, "Aquarium," was produced in 2013 by Taylor White and Kylee Harris, students at Oak Harbor High School. It is one of 22 safety videos produced by Oak Harbor high students through a project funded by Puget Sound Energy and the Oak Harbor Education Foundation. More videos.